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My conscience is clean.

I never used it.

28 September
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Introductions bore you immediately if they are not incredibly original, witty, or stupid. I would like to try for one of the first two, but unfortunately, I am nothing special on here. I'm just a 20-year old that likes to spread her immature wisdom around on the internet, the only medium that provides such wonderful anonymity.

I’m a cynical, rational person, but sometimes, this journal is where I live my drama queen side. I do have emotions, but shhh, don’t let anyone in my real life find out. Even my diary (a real one, a palpable book, written in in pen, an “aww, ain’t that cute”-diary) is completely devoid of them. But people like me need to rant and vent somewhere, too.

I like languages, music, food, mountains, parties and dancing, big cities, train stations and airports, a good sense of humor, sleeping, stories, politics (not the way they are usually practised though), books, the things old people have to say, autumn, sarcasm, writing, and discussing the world with those rare interesting persons who actually have an opinion. I’m also bisexual, but hey, who isn’t these days?